Working as an Influencer is not just a fun thing, it’s running a professional business. Companies and brands need your help to increase success and you get paid for your work. If you consider in becoming a Digital Influencer, there are many facts you should know about before starting with your own business. Take your time, read my influencerbook and be well prepared.

Since the beginning of my Social Media activities, i am working as a Digital Influencer for many big brands worldwide (see my credentials HERE). I am under contract with a lot of international Influencer Marketing Agencies.

Throughout 4 years in business, i’ve gained a lot of experience, positive and negative. And most important, i realized that most Influencers do not talk about the bad things and habits in business.

This influencerbook will change everything. I will not only teach you on how to become a successful Influencer. As bad experiences are the best opportunity to learn from, I will also tell you about every negative things that happened to me.

By reading my influencerbook, you will gain knowledge about:

– The technical equipment you need

Useful influencer software you should use

– How to create good content

– Getting under contract with the best influencer agencies

– Who much money you can charge for your work

– Finding best paid jobs

– Important legal knowledge

Influencer business is like model business: you need at least basic know-how to get started and precious connections to get bigger.

All you need to get started is my influencerbook, which provides you with all the knowledge you need to know.

Don’t waste your time. Start earning money by turning your hobby into business!